Top Shop ft. Kate Moss

 A few days ago appeared on Top Shop new collection in collaboration with the famous model Kate Moss. After seven years, Kate and famous brand renewed cooperation, the happiness of the many. The collection is great, as you can see on the pictures. Sequins, pearls, fringes... dominate in this collection. From punk and rock stars, to the elegant and classy ladies. I am thrilled with this sequines moments, as well as fringe, but one big LIKE,  I give to this black jumpsuit


Great items from EricDress

Most girls obsessed with fashion. I, as many belong to those, and trust that you too. Dresses, shoes, handbags... never enough, always bothering us the same pain as we do not have anything to wear.  Special emphasis is almost on shoes, as they say in their we walk differently, behave differently, and even speak different.
Modern technology has enabled us to online shopping is as fun as it enjoys. With just a few clicks, a certain fashion pieces can be just yours, no maltreatment at the shopping center. One of the best fashion site is www.ericdress.com.  
We had a chance to write about them and introduce you to the wonderful things that they sell. 
From dresses for different occasions, over shoes, jewelry, handbags. 
This site has a large selection, and each of you will surely find something for you.
  EricDress has a wide range of shoes for all occasions. From simple models, to the luxurious.  
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The perfect shoes always goes with perfect dress. This site offers a number of different models... simple dress, with lace, sequins, prints... tastes are different, similar EricDress can satisfy everybody's taste. You can also find here and t-shirts, blouses, pants, underwear, jewelry, and more others. I have found so many great dresses, like this down on pitcures. 
There are a lot of reasons to visit this site and begin your shopping adventure



Hair inspiration

These days, I plan to cut my hair. And to change the color a little bit. There will be some small changes. Since my hair is very thin forward and often tears I'm forced to always wear a bob hairstyle as the hair extensions do not think . Now this little bob short hair and would like to lighten. Decisions, decisions... make it through the light or just a little more emphasized ombre .. I'm torn , is kind of summer I always like to have light hair, but again, when I think of the new hair that grows , which can be seen after ten days , then a better option comes ombre. 
 Here are some images , inspiration with bob hairstyles , if you have this  ''hair problem'' as I.

This is how my hair looks now. Soon it will be little more lighten