Best of Paris...

Although the world's fashion houses nearly equalized with couture pret-a-porter and most models presented quite wearable even daily occasions, this dress can access only selected customers, superior financial clicking well-known directors of sales and therefore designers. Important customers go shoulder to shoulder with the world's celebrities who flocked to Paris in the company of their stylists and PR agents. From Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Stewart to Emma Watson, all want to be part of this exclusive entertainment that lasts until Thursday. For the duration of the week of haute couture and street style becomes more distinguished, less prone to exaggeration and fashion installations often seen on the guests and passers-by during the pret-a-porter collections. Ladies choose timeless elegance and feminine silhouettes just as befits a luxury the sign of the event. See my favorite combination with this fashion week


I am like a bird...

Hi! This time I present you one great site The Temporary Tattoo Store. Yesterday I recevied this great bird tattoo, which I have found right there. TTTattoo is a temporary tattoos company based in beautiful Barcelona, Spain, that designs and markets originals and  personalized temporary tattoos for adults, kids and teens. TTTattoo team is composed of very different profiles, but with a common denominator: passion for art and graphic design, and the certainty that any business is based on trust and customer service quality.
So if you are one tattoo's lovers, this is is site for you! ;) Visit their site, their facebook page and instagram.
Why Temporary tattoos? Because they are fun and their are a cool fashion accessory.


Romantic pink

 Lightweight dresses perfect for summer heat. That such is the mine. Pink romantic dress, decorated with floral prints and butterflies. With all of that rubber sandals, which goes grat with my Must have dizajn  handbag and unavoidable jewelry, this time gold.


dress - no branded; sandals - Kitten; bag - Must have dizajn; sunglasses - Aldo; 
rings - H&M; earrings - H&M; watch - Casio